No Success Like Failure. Jake Baker.

Jake Baker

Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian Of Year review

A perfectly splendid night of comedy, this competition final was worth the ticket price. Nobody died - which is the least you can hope for - and some distinguished themselves. There was a standout winner (Joby MageeanOlga Koch) but the second and third positions (and there could have been a fourth) were tightly contested.

Julia Chamberlain, Chortle, 29th November 2016

Ten must see new acts at Edinburgh Fringe 2016

There are plenty of big names gracing the Edinburgh Fringe right now, and there'll be celebrity acts, to suit every taste, showing off their latest productions all over the city. However, every superstar started at the bottom of the ladder and had to work their way to success, demonstrating their superiority amongst their tenderfoot peers.

Jay Islaam, The Huffington Post, 16th August 2016

Ten award-winning comics at the Fringe

A total of 65 comedy shows this Fringe use the phrase 'award-winning', though most fail to mention exactly what award they've won. Employee Of The Month? The figure shows what a plethora of comedy accolades there are out there. That's way more, even, than the 17 shows which say they are 'hotly', 'highly' or 'much' anticipated... So here's our pick of those award-winning acts.

Chortle, 28th July 2016