Jack Spring. Copyright: Terry Scott.

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Jack Spring, 21, set to see film premiere in Hollywood

Dad John Spring, 55, said: "We're very proud of Jack, it takes a lot of effort to not only make a film but to raise funding and persuade others to get involved."

Nick Kituno, Your Local Guardian, 4th April 2018

Video: Jack Spring BBC profile

20-year-old Jack Spring is in Cannes hoping to get backing for his first film Destination: Dewsbury.

BBC, 25th May 2017

Jack's playing it for laughs in Dewsbury

A new comedy movie is set to be filmed in Dewsbury and Batley.

The Press, 2nd September 2016

Filming for new movie due to start

Filming for a new movie set in the heartlands of Yorkshire will begin in the district soon and producers are urging local people to apply to be extras in the film.

David Jagger, The Telegraph and Argus, 26th August 2016

Destination Dewsbury

Director Jack Spring said: "Destination: Dewsbury is the first time everyone in the crew, including myself, have had the freedom and the funding to achieve what we want, how we want it and it's been a serious but very exciting learning curve so far.

The Yorkshire Times, 25th August 2016