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Mother F**king Pep Talk - Jack Rooke - How To Live, Laugh, Love

Comedian Jack Rooke tells you how to live, laugh, love (without spending £15.99 on a decorative piece of driftwood).

Dragony Aunts - Jack Rooke

Candy & Crystal are joined by comedian Jack Rooke, who's struggling with coming out to his grandma. It just so happens that she's dead. They also meet Richard who's struggling with dating having come out later in life.

Comedians Solve World Problems - Jack Rooke & Rosie Jones On Homophobia

Jack Rooke and Rosie Jones have had enough of homophobia. Jack wants to put haters through a homophobe conversion camp, but Rosie thinks more gay kissing is the answer - preferably involving her.

Fat Chat - Jack Rooke

Desiree Burch meets self-confessed 'fat and gay' comedian Jack Rooke to talk growing up fat, friendships and how fat people can shoplift a 'fuck-ton of stuff'.

Dawn of a New Gay by Jack Rooke

Jack Rooke goes back to uni to tell a tale of sexual enlightenment in the pre-Brexit, London-Olympic bliss of 2012. This short story was adapted for Channel 4's Random Acts strand from the acclaimed live show Jack Rooke's Love Letters.

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