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In The Long Run Series 2 confirmed

Sky has ordered a second series of In The Long Run, the sitcom created by Idris Elba.

British Comedy Guide, 24th September 2018

In The Long Run and Pls Like win at Broadcast Digital Awards

In The Long Run and Pls Like were amongst the winners at the Broadcast Digital Awards 2018.

British Comedy Guide, 4th July 2018

Netflix orders new Idris Elba comedy Turn Up Charlie

Idris Elba will star in a new comedy series for Netflix, as a failed DJ and male nanny trying to relaunch his career.

British Comedy Guide, 19th April 2018

In The Long Run television review

Charming comedy-drama with real heart.

David Stephenson, The Daily Express, 1st April 2018

In the Long Run, debuting on Sky One, is both Idris Elba's first venture into comedy (both writing and starring) and his labour of love for a remembered childhood in 80s Hackney. There is terrific music, and an honestly terrific attempt to translate some of the truths about growing up black, in then and in there, and it's in many, many ways lovely. It's just getting going, so the jury's still out on whether it's actually... funny. Perhaps I don't laugh easily enough.

Euan Ferguson, The Guardian, 1st April 2018

Will Gompertz reviews Idris Elba's In The Long Run

That the show makes Only Fools and Horses feel edgy came as a bit of a surprise, given its creator is the actor Idris Elba.

Will Gompertz, BBC, 31st March 2018

In the Long Run, review

In the Long Run is just too meek and mild to be anything more than a good soundtrack with pictures.

Benji Wilson, The Telegraph, 30th March 2018

In the Long Run, Sky 1 review

Idris Elba revisits 1980s Hackney with a deft comic touch.

Adam Sweeting, The Arts Desk, 30th March 2018