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Heckling: How to deal with it during a comedy show

"He just started screaming at me - the next thing I know two of his mates in the crowd were holding him back."

Nesta McGregor, BBC, 29th November 2018

What are you going to do once the Fringe is over?

Now it's time to curl up and cry.

Chortle, 25th August 2018

What inspired you to get into comedy?

Chortle, 23rd August 2018

Whats's the most drunk or wasted you have been?

'I threw my phone into the woods on mushrooms'

Chortle, 18th August 2018

What is the worst venue in Edinburgh?

'I was interrupted by the screams of an angry chef'

Chortle, 17th August 2018

Who are the unsung heroes of the Fringe?

Little known Fringe heroes.

Chortle, 12th August 2018

What is the worst review you have ever had?

'This isn't comedy, this is a cry for help'

Chortle, 9th August 2018