Iain Pattinson

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The real Rab C. Nesbitt revealed

The writer of the iconic Scottish sitcom Rab C Nesbitt has revealed that his own uncle was the inspiration for the loveable drunken Govan rogue.

The Herald, 24th December 2017

After two weeks of trailers few can be unaware of the return of the "antidote to panel games" with Stephen Fry in the chair. Recorded at Her Majesty's Theatre weeks ago, the audience roars approval for Fry's saucy delivery of Iain Pattinson's salty script. Sven replaces Samantha as the invisible scorer, offering more chances to spot the innuendo. Graeme Garden, Barry Cryer, Tim Brooke-Taylor and guest panellist Victoria Wood make merry with the customary multitude of entendres, double and single Colin Sell, as ever, is at the piano.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 15th June 2009

The Joke's On Me

Humphrey Lyttelton was a born comedian - but even he had a script. Iain Pattinson the man who wrote the gags for I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, recalls his razor-sharp wit in this interview with The Guardian.

Iain Pattinson, The Guardian, 20th October 2008