Benidorm. Gavin (Hugh Sachs). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Hugh Sachs

There's another lovingly detailed pastiche of a 1970s sitcom right at the start of tonight's episode. Tom (Chris O'Dowd) visits his father to show him the photo of their ancestor, but first has to distract him from watching DVDs of his beloved Move Along Please!, a police station comedy that's a sort of Carry On version of The Thin Blue Line ("Well you said you wanted us to make a big bust this week, Sergeant!").

It's one of many lovely touches in a comedy that looks like being a grower. The slightly dopey Tom has embarked on a genealogical quest that takes him to a theatre in Hove, where the over-reverent historian ("I look on the theatre as like a temple...") is beautifully played by Hugh Sachs from Benidorm.

It turns out Tom's great-grandfather was an actor - and he played opposite Laurence Olivier, no less.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 23rd July 2013

A quick chat with Benidorm's Hugh Sachs

Summer may seem a long way off, but TV's most eccentric holidaymakers are back at the Solana this week to soak up the sun in a fifth series of the ITV1 comedy Benidorm. What's On TV caught up with Hugh Sachs, who plays Gavin, to find out more...

What's On TV, 17th February 2012

As if Derren Litten's comedy drama weren't camp enough, tonight pop trio Bananarama turn up as special guests at The Solana's Eighties night. Meanwhile Madge (Shelia Reid) gets the chance to take a lease on a bar in Benidorm and Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) tries to cheer up Gavin (Hugh Sachs). Naïve teenager Liam (Adam Gillen) is still trying to win over sexy Natalie. It looks as though his efforts are in vain.

Toby Dantzic, The Telegraph, 31st March 2011

Popular though it may be, Benidorm, the sitcom starring Sheila Reid, can be distasteful. In tonight's penultimate episode of the third series, dishonesty pervades the Spanish seaside resort: Gavin (Hugh Sachs) learns that Troy (Paul Bazely) is apparently cheating on him, while the elaborate stories of the Oracle (Johnny Vegas) land him in a spot of bother with the local police. Elsewhere, Diana (Una Stubbs) arrives to help her recently conned son Martin (Nicholas Burns) get back on his feet.

Patrick Smith, The Telegraph, 30th October 2009

Hugh Sachs explains 'Benidorm' success

Benidorm star Hugh Sachs has said that the comedy series is successful because viewers recognise themselves in the characters.

Dan French, Digital Spy, 29th October 2009