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The Baby Boomers' Guide to Growing Old review

Su Pollard's voiceover did try to prepare us. 'Warning!' she growled at the outset of The Baby Boomer's Guide To Getting Old (More4). 'This programme contains old people talking about sex. Get over it!' And she wasn't kidding. Honestly, you'd think the over-70s never think about anything else.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 14th June 2017

Debut of a new series that claims to illuminate a new demographic phenomenon - the fact that post-65 retirement is now often measured in decades rather than years - but which is mostly a reality show. The conceit is that well-known personages - among them Edwina Currie, Kenny Lynch and Esther Rantzen - will explore different aspects of later life. Tonight, it's love, with Henry Blofeld and Amanda Barrie running a dating agency.

Andrew Mueller, The Guardian, 13th June 2017

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Radio Times review

Most of us, I would imagine, could come up with more interesting pet hates to share with the nation than answering machines or the M25 - two of the topics here. But guests on this show don't have to try too hard. However tame their suggestions, Frank Skinner will swoop in with a punchline to make their story/observation/rant look like comedy gold. Or at worst, comedy bronze.

He rides to the rescue a few times as Kelly Holmes, Alexander Armstrong and Henry Blofeld air their grievances. When Armstrong wants to abolish the nothingy days between Christmas and New Year, Frank points out that most people enjoy the time off, telling Armstrong, "What you need is a harder job."

At one stage he even manages to flirt with Blofeld, which is not what anyone was expecting. One of the latter's complaints is, exactly as you would hope, restaurants that don't keep proper powdered English mustard.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 22nd January 2015

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