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Helen Moon

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Sharing a producer (Paul Hardy) with Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf, this 2007 Radio 4 sketch comedy written by and featuring Ian Potter also stars Paul Copley and Helen Moon. Featuring comedy concepts that utilise the radio medium to its full extent, it's an unusual but worthwhile listen. Fans of The Burkiss Way, should find themselves on familiarly unfamiliar ground.

Scott Matthewman, The Stage, 9th April 2009

For all the abuse Ricky Gervais receives, his astute awareness of the inner workings of the BBC was always fascinating to watch in Extras, especially when he launched his fake BBC sitcom When The Whistle Blows with its cheesy lines, studio laughter, simplistic acting and staged sets.

Surely the BBC doesn't make dated shows like that any more? Sadly, it does, as anyone who has been following Lab Rats will be aware. Last night marked the final episode of the Chris Addison comedy about university professors at work in the laboratory. The quality of actors involved - such as Addison, who dazzled in The Thick Of It - isn't in dispute but the BBC's desire to stick a laughter track over the weak jokes only highlighted the unfunny incidents.

Elsewhere, Helen Moon, a Patricia Routledge lookalike, spent the episode opening doors to pour scorn on the others before disappearing. Then there was the experienced Selina Cadell, who hammed it up as the Dutch dean of the university, who, it transpired this week, happened to own a slutty pigeon. Actually, that was amusing. But that was it. A shame - especially when it's obvious Addison's capable of so much more.

Noam Friedlander, Metro, 14th August 2008

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