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Harry Hill

Harry Hill's Fight!: Thirty Years Not Quite At The Top

Harry Hill's Fight!: Thirty Years Not Quite At The Top

In this highly entertaining memoir from one of the nation's most popular comedians, Harry Hill takes an honest and hilarious look back at his life and career through the lens of what didn't go right.

We join him on the journey in childhood, and his starring role in the cub panto, through a short-lived career as a hospital doctor - where he was reprimanded for daydreaming during a life-saving operation - to slogging it out on the comedy circuit in the 90s alongside comics like Bill Bailey and Jo Brand - to becoming a national TV teatime favourite.

He takes us behind the scenes of his ill-fated X-Factor musical I Can't Sing!, on a very strange car journey with Simon Cowell, and shares what he said to The Queen when he found himself alone with her backstage at The Royal Albert Hall.

Harry's was a fight to not quite the top of the showbiz food chain. Full of truthful reflection and uproarious stories, he finds joy in failure, creativity in struggle and revels in the lessons to be learnt from a flop.

First published: Thursday 11th November 2021

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