Joe & Rory.

Joe & Rory

Joe & Rory is a double act.


"[The Astonishing Adventures of Alfred] was so refreshing to watch. The film as a whole was polished to a high standard and above all else, it ticks the number one box in comedy, it was funny."Movie Blogger (Graham Blake), 27th February 2021
"British sitcoms rarely show even a tenth of the invention and wit found in The Astonishing Adventures of Alfred, which is why it really deserves to be picked up by a major broadcaster this very second, if not sooner."Comedy To Watch (Alex Finch), 20th February 2021
United Kingdom


  • BCG Pro Talent Awards 2021 - Production: Nominee

Members of Joe & Rory


Year Production Role
2021 The Astonishing Adventures of Alfred Producer
2020 The Astonishing Adventures of Alfred Creator