Glenn Wool. Copyright: Steve Ullathorne.

Glenn Wool

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Glenn Wool interview

Thursday 29th October 2020

The one-time world-wanderer has been holed up in Cromwellian digs during 2020 weird-times. At least he isn't offending any swan-sensitive spectators there - although his new special might well ruffle some feathers.


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Glenn Wool review

Glenn Wool rifles through his back catalogue of 25 years like an ageing metalhead fondly poring over his old records. The odd gag's a bit rusty (see: hitting 'reply all' on emails), but on the whole it's a side-splitting mix of relationship postmortems and 'did he just say that?'.

Will Noble, Londonist, 28th March 2019

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A life unexamined is destined to be repeated, or something like that.

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