Ride of the Wagnerian. Giacinto Palmieri. Copyright: BBC.

Giacinto Palmieri

Interview: Giacinto Palmieri - Nietzsche, Women and I

Giacinto Palmieri interview.

Rosie Gillott, Fresh Air, 26th August 2016

Edinburgh Fringe review

Broadway Baby, August 2016

Edinburgh Fringe review

The Spectator, August 2016

Edinburgh Fringe review

The Girl With The Edinburgh Tattoo, August 2016

Comic gets sacked after his Fringe show

London-based Italian comedian Giacinto Palmieri used to work in IT for a well-known property company. Then he went to this year's Edinburgh Fringe with his show about Wagner.

"The big boss of my company," he told me in Soho Theatre at the weekend, "came to see my show at the Edinburgh Fringe and, the first day after I came back, I was sacked."

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 8th September 2014

Ride of the Wagnerian: a life in opera

Ride of the Wagnerian is a new stand-up show by Italian comic Giacinto Palmieri. He uses his obsession with Richard Wagner's epic opera cycle, Der Ring des Nibelungan, as a springboard for an hour of comedy on the top floor of Just the Tonic at the Mash House. Entering the stage from behind the audience, conducting an imaginary orchestra as he goes, the bearded and spectacled comedian soon puts the audience at ease with his charming, personal approach to high art, and his tangible passion for the great composer.

Christian Butler, Spiked, 7th August 2014

Edinburgh Fringe review

Broadway Baby, August 2014

The Giacinto Palmieri three minute interview

What is it like to be obsessed with a 15 hour-long cycle of late Romantic operas sung in German? Giacinto Palmieri loves Richard Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung so much that he told the plot to all his ex-girlfriends. Now he wants to do the same with his Edinburgh Festival Fringe audience.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 1st July 2014