Sarah Cassidy: An Introduction To Twerking. Germaine Greer. Copyright: Shiver Productions.

Germaine Greer

Have I Got News For You documentary to celebrate 30 years

Have I Got News For You is to mark its 30th anniversary with a commemorative documentary. Have I Got 30 Years For You will be broadcast on BBC One over the festive period.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd November 2020

Radio 4's Women Talking About Cars signs up top guests

Women Talking About Cars, a new Radio 4 comedy chat show series hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell, has signed up Dawn French, Olivia Colman, Sarah Millican and Germaine Greer as guests.

British Comedy Guide, 17th October 2016

Stephen Fry shouldn't be vilified for expressing views

Stephen Fry has recently apologised for remarks he made about the sexually abused and I am very glad he did. By the same token he's been subjected to criticism and as much as I wholeheartedly disagree with what he said, words that don't need repeating, I have to object to Paris Lees's article published in the Guardian on 12th April. As I read it I had an open mind, but her emotive use of language and her accusation that Stephen Fry is a 'bully' was unjustified. Her argument that no one would listen to what he had to say if he was 'poor' - what does that have to do with it? It's like attacking the whole establishment and she included Germaine Greer, too, for good measure. She is missing the point.

Sanchita Islam, The Huffington Post, 15th April 2016

With the imperial QI war of succession over, and Sandi Toksvig taking over from Stephen Fry as schoolmaster-in-chief, dad TV's favourite quiz-ee Alan Davies has slowly been expanding his own media principality. His Dave show, for which he sits in the host's chair, takes the bold step of not actually being a quiz, with guests from Germaine Greer to Noel Fielding chatting round a table, unburdened by the uniquely British love of point-scoring.

The Guardian, 26th October 2015

In which Simon Day's progger attempts to stage a live performance of his Day Of The Triffids musical ("The Triffids descend from the skies/ To sting our eyes!") at Mount Kilimanjaro. What could possibly go wrong? Actually, aside from being mistaken for a racist, not much: Roger Moore's a hoot as the Richard Burton-style narrator, gamely ploughing on through a Triffid-human molestation sequence: as Tim Rice comments, "It didn't go down very well with Germaine Greer - or Percy Thrower."

Ali Catterall, The Guardian, 16th December 2014

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