Geri Halliwell.

Geri Halliwell

A rare boon for Rossy, who so often seems to be beaten to the A-listers by Graham Norton: this week he's managed to reunite the Spice Girls! Well, four of them - Victoria Beckham is missing from the sofa as well as the arena tour the group have just announced. Perhaps they could convince Kylie Minogue, performing here alongside Jack Savoretti, to join in her stead? Playing very much second fiddle to Baby, Scary, Ginger and Sporty is John Bishop, who will be discussing his latest standup DVD and recent UKTV series.

Gwilym Mumford, The Guardian, 10th November 2018

Michael McIntyre's Big Show sees the popular comedian oversee just under an hours' worth of entertainment which is all watched live by a packed audience in a theatre. I does seem as if this is the vehicle that McIntyre has been given instead of a second series of his forgotten chat show but he is definitely in his element presenting stand-up comedy in front of an audience. But one segment of McIntyre's chat show that has been retained is 'Send to All' in which the comic sends an amusing text to the entire address book one unsuspecting audience member. On this new show that audience member is a celebrity with Geri Horner assuming the role of the person who had a text sent on her phone to everyone she knew asking them if it would be OK to massage them. Definitely the funniest moment of the episode came from McIntyre's revelation of some of the responses Geri had received especially those from her mother and her agent. The other big draw of the show was 'The Secret Star' portion in which McIntyre tricked a Welsh hairdresser to think she was working on the show only to surprise her with the fact that she'd be on the show herself. The surprising the audience member stunt has been done on almost every Saturday night show before but what made this different was that the Secret Star then got to duet with Michael Ball in what I must say was a very impressive performance. Although these two segments and McIntyre's links were entertaining stuff not everything about The Big Show worked that well. A performance from Tinie Tempah just felt out of place whilst I personally didn't think the introduction of an acrobatics troupe worked particularly well either. But my main complaint about the show is its theatre setting as it made everything feel a little bit static and stuffy. I think that if the Big Show had been in a TV studio, and taped live, then it would have a bit more excitement to it and would've even be able to rival Ant and Dec. I don't want to knock BBC One as Michael McIntyre's Big Show is definitely a step in the right direction as far as Saturday night entertainment is concerned. I just think these shows need to get out of the theatre and into the studio where everything feels a little bit more chaotic and let's be a honest a little bit more fun.

Matt, The Custard TV, 23rd April 2016

Seizing the "Beeb does variety shtick" baton from John Bishop, McIntyre launches his latest well-meaning if MOR venture, filmed at the Theatre Royal in London. This week Geri Horner (formerly Halliwell) falls victim to the Send To All treatment, with the host embarking on the brand of text-based trolling that will be familiar from his chat show. There's also acrobatics, a performance from Tinie Tempah and an unsuspecting civilian is given the chance to duet with Michael Ball.

Hannah J Davies, The Guardian, 16th April 2016

Review: Luisa Omielan in What Would Beyonce Do?!

Omielan's ribald, absolutely filthy monologues are matched by a talent for accents (her Welsh is on point and her Polish mother is a card) and her callback game is strong. Don't be fooled by the Geordie Shore meets Geri Halliwell persona, she has the power to control the room with the flick of her fringe.

Mikey Cahill, The Herald, 30th March 2015

Like The Royle Family before it, Trollied has lost some of its naturalistic wit and become slightly caricatured. But there are still proper belly laughs in this hour-long episode, most - it has to be said - thanks to the subversive Colin, who gets to wear an elf costume, wage war against some boy scouts and do a frantic interpretation of Gangnam Style. It comes close to topping the karaoke performance of Last Christmas that wowed Lisa in the 2012 special.

Speaking of Lisa, she's looking similarly flabbergasted tonight - but this is down to the fact that Geri Halliwell has turned up at Valco, waxing lyrical about her carb-free diet. Although, she's plainly tempted by Lisa's chips.

David Brown, Radio Times, 24th December 2013

If you want to laugh watch a comedian, not a pop star

Do you want conclusive proof that a journalist will do anything to avoid proper work? I even sat down this morning and watched the brief clip of Geri Halliwell in the new sitcom she is working on, entitled Life Sucks, in which, according to a spokesman quoted in The Sun, "She laughs gamely at herself and her fame."

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 26th July 2013

Geri Halliwell working on new sitcom pilot

Spice Girls singer Geri Halliwell is working on a new comedy show called Geri: Life Sucks.

British Comedy Guide, 20th July 2013

Russell Brand hits out at Geri Halliwell heckler

Russell Brand leapt to Geri Halliwell's defence during a stand-up gig when a heckler poked fun at the ginger singer.

Amy Duncan, Metro, 6th September 2012