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The second season of Pete's ongoing grudge match with life ends tonight as he has a close encounter with a girl who passionately believes in aliens and UFOs.

Tilly (Georgia Maguire) is bonkers, obviously, but could actually be Pete's perfect girl - one who's almost gullible enough to believe some of his lies.

But Pete has other plans as he finds out his old flame Chloe has started seeing his arch-nemesis Jake.

Commentators Colin and Terry have been on a course about how women are people too. Not so you'd notice though.

And while no animals were harmed in the making of this episode for a change, a 12-year-old footballer ends up in traction.

So has the show got legs for a third series? Thanks to the likeable Rafe Spall, and Colin and Terry's crass brilliance, we hope so.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 9th December 2011

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