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George Formby Special Edition - Boots! Boots! / Off The Dole

George Formby Special Edition - Boots! Boots! / Off The Dole

This unique DVD double bill includes George Formby's first two feature films: fun-filled musical comedies that helped to propel him to Britain's biggest box office star just a few years later.

Featuring George's legendary music hall character John Willie, these films are also the only screen appearances of George's real life wife Beryl, and include rare songs never released on audio.

Boots! Boots! (1934)
George stars as John Willie. John is responsible for polishing the shoes of the guests at a swanky hotel, but now he's taken a shine to a fetching young scullery maid (Beryl Formby). Can gormless John pair up with his heart's desire, when he can't even match up the shoes he's polishing? Perhaps the hotel's gala cabaret night will give him an opportunity to impress...

This specially restored edition includes scenes cut from the original film. Also featured are three great solo numbers from George: Why Don't Women Like Me?, Sitting On The Ice In The Ice Rink and I Could Make A Good Living At That - plus George accompanying Beryl's tap routines on mouth organ and ukulele and a duet with Beryl on Baby.

Look out for a special appearance by child star Betty Driver (Coronation Street's Betty Turpin).

Off The Dole (1935)
Workshy young layabout John Willie is forced to get a job as a private detective. Armed with only his trusty ukulele, clueless John is soon bumbling his way through ladies' parlours and nudist camps in search of unfaithful spouses and feckless fathers!

A huge box office hit that had audiences queueing around the block, this classic musical comedy features six songs: two of them duets with wife Beryl; and includes the immortal With My Little Ukulele In My Hand, which had previously been banned as obscene!

First released: Monday 3rd March 2014

  • Distributor: Odeon Entertainment
  • Region: All regions
  • Discs: 1
  • Minutes: 143
  • Catalogue: ODNFB021

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