George Formby.

George Formby

New play tells the story of George Formby

A Lancashire theatre company is to stage the life story of George Formby, one of the county's most famous comedy sons in a new play this month.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 7th February 2020

George Formby's 'hidden ukuleles' sold at auction

Two ukuleles used by George Formby have fetched almost £24,000 at auction after being kept out of view for years.

BBC, 19th March 2019

Review: Stanley - A Man Of Variety

Deliberately disconcerting, Stanley - Man Of Variety is also frustrating and unsatisfying, each scene a curious little sketch on its own, but amounting to very little.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 15th June 2018

George Formby treasure trove found in disused cabinet

An archive of letters, diaries and photos belonging to film star George Formby and his spouses has been found in a disused office in Preston.

Ian Youngs, BBC, 10th April 2018

George Formby's banjo ukulele for sale at auction

A banjo ukulele owned by popular 1930s and 40s entertainer George Formby is being sold at auction.

BBC, 24th June 2017

James Meehan on comedy's class issues

James Meehan calls for an end to stereotyping, on and off screening.

James Meehan, Chortle, 20th October 2016

Queen considered George Formby Society patron role

She is head of state, leader of the Commonwealth, head of the armed forces and the Church of England, and patron of countless societies and good charitable causes.

And the Queen once considered adding another string to her bow, it has been claimed: president of the George Formby Society.

Hannah Furness, The Telegraph, 7th June 2016

As the 19th century became the 20th, music hall morphed into something called "variety" - a showcase for acts such as "the stud of cantankerous and educated ponies, introduced by Mr Boswell". Frank Skinner and Suzy Klein pick up the story, celebrating megastars such as Harry Lauder, gender-bending Vesta Tilley, Gracie Fields and that leer on legs, the brilliantly disgusting George Formby, with his little stick of Blackpool rock ("It's nice to have a nibble at it now and again").

Ali Catterall, The Guardian, 10th December 2015