George Cole.

George Cole (I)

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George Cole: My Autobiography - The World Was My Lobster

George Cole: My Autobiography - The World Was My Lobster

The World Was My Lobster tells the story of George Cole's more than 70 years in the acting profession that began with a walk-on part at the age of 14 in the stage musical The White Horse Inn in 1939, and continues today having included such roles as David Bliss in radio's A Life Of Bliss, Flash Harry in the St. Trinian's films, and Arthur Daley in television's Minder.

After more than seven decades in the acting profession, George Cole, OBE remains one of Britain's most recognisable faces. His first walk-on part at the age of 14 in a stage musical, and his subsequent coaching by well-loved actor Alastair Sim led to more than 60 stage plays, 60 film titles and close to 300 episodes of more than 80 television shows.

Brian Hawkins recently retired after 40 years as a medical scientist. He has published extensively in the medical literature and has written two medical books. Born in England, he has his roots in east London and became attracted to the Minder series when he saw it overseas because it closely resembled the people and language that surrounded him when he was growing up. This interest eventually grew into a book, and during the course of his research he paid a visit to George Cole for an interview. They stayed in touch and, after a few nudges from Brian, George eventually asked him to help compile this autobiography.

First published: Monday 7th October 2013