Gemma Arrowsmith. Copyright: Idil Sukan.

Gemma Arrowsmith

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Writing a 'viral' hit for Tracey Ullman's Show

The last week has been very interesting for me. A sketch I wrote for Tracey Ullman's Show on BBC One has been viewed over 25 million times on Facebook and has had an article written about it in the New York Times.

Gemma Arrowsmith, BBC Worldwide, 17th March 2017

Tracey Ullman shows ridiculousness of sexism

With 14 million views and counting on Facebook, the video has clearly resonated with audiences.

The New York Times, 13th March 2017

Interview: Susan Harrison & Gemma Arrowsmith

I last blogged about Susan Harrison in 2013 and first saw her perform at Pull The Other One - as Mina The Horse. Yup. a horse. Not an act I am likely to forget.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 7th March 2015