Gareth Richards.

Gareth Richards

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Gareth Richards: the Edinburgh interviews 2018

Gareth Richards interview.

Becca Moody, Moody Comedy, 19th July 2018

A piggy interview with Gareth Richards

Gareth Richards interview.

Wrigley Worm, FringePig, 23rd June 2018

5 of the best musical comedy shows to see at the Fringe

Being funny isn't enough for some comedians. Some like to flaunt their musical talent as well as their ability to tickle audiences. Here's our selection of acts who will be marrying comedy and music at this year's Fringe.

Finlay Craig, WOW247, 11th August 2016

My comedy hero: Gareth Richards on Norm Macdonald

"He doesn't seem to be trying very hard - he's just being really, really funny"

Gareth Richards, The List, 15th May 2014

Gareth Richards analyses the power of crowds

The introspective comedian weighs up his chances at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Gareth Richards, The List, 8th August 2012

Interview: Gareth Richards

Having just this minute (well 22:48 3rd August) just finished watching Gareth's new show the multi-talented performer is back at The Pleasance with another sure fire sell-out show. Tonights show was packed and gave his early fringe run this year some choice audience participation... full review will be live on TNC tomorrow, and more information can be found at the end of his interview.

Niger, The New Current, 3rd August 2012

10 questions with Gareth Richards

If you've never been to Disneyland, you're in good company - because neither has 2010 Fosters Best Newcomer nominee Gareth Richards. Here he is to tell you all about it - and to reveal his top secret Edinburgh tips...

The Huffington Post, 3rd August 2012