Gareth Morinan.

Gareth Morinan

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Edinburgh Fringe review

The Wee Review, August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe review

The New European, August 2017

The 2017 Fringe shows we saw coming

Rebecca Monks, i Newspaper, 7th June 2017

Revenge porn, social media, and tech take centre stage

Sick of the Fringe performers hope to inspire new ideas on health research.

Lucy Orr, Arstechnica, 3rd September 2016

Onion at the Fringe: more Edinburgh picks

Over the past week we've given you lots of Onion-flavoured Edinburgh previews to sink your teeth into... And there's still more to come! If your Fringe schedule isn't quite as full as it could be, here are some extra TVO recommendations that we just couldn't neglect to mention.

The Velvet Onion, 1st August 2016

Edinburgh Fringe review

Theatre Reviews, August 2016

Edinburgh Fringe review

PhringePhantom, August 2016

Surprise! A critic's in...

Gareth Morinan wants free Fringe shows to be treated like any other.

Gareth Morinan, Chortle, 14th August 2014