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Edinburgh Fringe review

The List, August 2016

Ellis & Rose: the Fringe is dead

One half of Ellis & Rose reminisces about meeting the charismatic Fringe, before Jim Davidson caused its untimely demise.

Gareth Ellis, The Skinny, 5th August 2014

Edinburgh Fringe review

The Skinny, August 2014

The Gareth Ellis three minute interview

Imagine Laurel & Hardy attacking The Chuckle Brothers. Now imagine Paul Chuckle setting your mind on fire. Now imagine Laurel eating Hardy. Now imagine Barry extinguishing your mind. This just happened. Now you belong to us. So states the website of Ellis & Rose, who bring a show to Edinburgh entitled Jim Davidson's Funeral. Gareth Ellis kindly interrupts his holiday to speak to Martin Walker about what he sees as the death of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 26th July 2014

Comedy is not easy to enjoy with an eye on the clock

Tig Notaro's games hold up crowd anxious not to miss next show; Gareth Ellis gives himself a black eye and wins award.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 21st August 2013

Jimmy Savile show actor beaten up in the street

Yesterday, Gareth Ellis of comedy duo Ellis & Rose told me about being attacked in the street - but not randomly.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 15th August 2013

Edinburgh Fringe review

The Scotsman, August 2013

Edinburgh Fringe review

Exeunt Magazine, August 2013