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Nigel Ng opening Uncle Roger restaurant

Wednesday 3rd July 2024, 5:28pm by Jay Richardson

Uncle Roger. Nigel Ng

Uncle Roger creator Nigel Ng is opening a restaurant in his native Malaysia.

Details of his first eatery's exact location currently remain under wraps. But it appears that the stand-up is opening the establishment in the guise of his hugely popular, cooking critic alter-ego.

In a video posted on Monday, which at the time of writing has already amassed almost a million views on YouTube, the character comments on a clip of the late chef Anthony Bourdain praising the fish-based soup dish assam laksa when he visited Penang.

Explaining the uniqueness of the dish's ingredients, Uncle Roger says: "By the way, another reason to go Malaysia: Uncle Roger actually gonna open my very first restaurant over there. Fuyoo!"

And he continued: "Coming soon later this year, but shhh, don't tell anyone ok? This little secret just for loyal nieces and nephews watching this video."

The character has already endorsed creamy chili crab pasta made by Mila in the US.

As British Comedy Guide reported in 2022, Ng has previously developed an Uncle Roger sitcom with Gordon Ramsay's production company Studio Ramsay.

And he follows Adam Hills as a comedian opening an Asian restaurant, with the Australian having partnered with ex-Nobu head chef Scott Hallsworth to revive Freak Scene in London last year.

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