Freddy Quinne.

Freddy Quinne

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The Quintessential Guide To Compering

The Quintessential Guide To Compering

The compere is a staple of every comedy club in the world. They are the ones that go on in-between the acts and chat to the crowd, magically making funny quips and comments about the audience members. This book outlines all the tips and tricks of the comedy compere - how they figure out who to speak to, how they get their laughs, how they control a room. It will teach you how to become a comedy compere through an in-depth analysis of the skills and techniques they use. This book is ideal for aspiring comperes or anyone who wants to learn how to be funny in daily conversation.

First published: Thursday 8th November 2018

  • Pages: 33
  • Catalogue: 9781731036568

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