Dad's Army. The Vicar (Frank Williams). Copyright: BBC.

Frank Williams

Little & Large reunite for Slapstick Festival

One of last century's most popular TV double acts - Little and Large - will be back on stage together for the first time in decades in Bristol in January as part of the extended 15th annual edition of the UK's biggest celebration of silent and classic screen comedy: SLAPSTICK.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 2nd November 2018

Dad's Army actor Frank Williams interview

"The British nation survives on humour".

Steven MacKenzie, The Big Issue, 31st July 2018

Frank Williams shares show secrets

Dad's Army 50th anniversary: Never-before-seen pictures of cast and set revealed as Frank Williams shares show secrets

Antonia Paget, The Mirror, 28th July 2018

Frank Williams: My Dad's Army pals

As the nation's best-loved sitcom reaches its 50th anniversary, Neil Clarke talks to Frank Williams, who played the tetchy vicar, about his memories of the cast and show.

Neil Clarke, The Daily Express, 28th July 2018

Frank Williams: My first tour, Dad's Army

We were all a bit unsure if it would work, but I was to play my original role of the vicar and laughed when 'stupid boy' Pike, Ian Lavender, was told he had to dress as a banana in a dream scene.

John Byrne, The Stage, 29th March 2016

Frank Williams and Ian Lavender interview

Ian Lavender and Frank Williams are back as Pike and the vicar in new movie about the Home Guard in the Second World War.

Boudicaa Fox-Leonard, The Mirror, 27th January 2016

Radio Times review

From the animated-arrow captions to the church hall set re-creation, this knockabout biopic envelopes Dad's Army fans in a very warm embrace. It charts the meeting, partnership and battles with the Beeb of two of our finest comedy writers, Jimmy Perry and David Croft, whisking us back to the smoke-wreathed 60s - all brown and beige, big specs and high hems.

Writer Stephen Russell holds your hand through the who's who and what's what, but with a lightness of touch and a deep affection for the imperishable Home Guard sitcom. There are lump-in-the-throat moments, too: Perry overseeing his hero Bud Flanagan record the theme tune is a beauty (Bud died shortly afterwards), and the whole thing ends with the perfect pop song.

Paul Ritter and Richard Dormer are superb as flamboyant Perry and commanding Croft. Just as this drama is a tribute to them, so is Dad's Army's longevity. Frank Williams, 84, the show's original vicar, recently told RT, "People have often asked me whether there was a lot of re-writing? No there wasn't, because there wasn't any need to. They produced the goods."

You have been watching their work for four decades, and will be for many years to come.

Mark Braxton, Radio Times, 16th December 2015

Frank Williams: health & safety laws will ruin new film

Frank Williams gained a legion of fans as the tetchy vicar always at odds with Captain Mainwaring.

Pamela Owen, The Mirror, 30th May 2015