Frank Skinner.

Frank Skinner

Frank Skinner - Stand-Up

Frank Skinner - Stand-Up

When you've been away from the stand-up comedy game for a decade, it's understandable that some may fear that your finest days are behind you. However, Frank Skinner stand-up shows that it really doesn't always have to be like that. In short, this is a blistering return to the stage for one of Britain's very best stand-up comedians.

Frank Skinner Stand-Up was filmed in 2007 at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena, to a crowd of around 5,500 people. Not that you'd ever really know it, as Skinner's gig makes it all feel so much more intimate. Whether he's talking about his 'romantic' liaisons, singing songs about terrorists or musing on the state of his mind, it's a razor-tight set, and a very, very funny one.

What Frank Skinner Stand-Up also manages to get across through is the man's quite brilliant delivery. Camera close ups really get this across, but the timing and tone in which he tells his stories and fires out his punchlines is masterclass material.

First released: Monday 10th November 2008

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