A Right Royal Quiz. Fern Britton.

Fern Britton

ITV to broadcast panel show about the Royal Family

ITV is to broadcast A Right Royal Quiz, a TV format dubbed as "Britain's first ever panel show about the Royal Family".

British Comedy Guide, 11th December 2017

The Methuselah-like panel show begins its 47th series, with Jennifer Saunders in the host's seat for the first time. How she's never landed the gig before when the likes of Fern Britton and Jerry Springer have is a mystery. Elsewhere, Pointless chap Richard Osman will put his panel show nous (he's had a hand in creating 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Charlie Brooker vehicle You Have Been Watching) to good use as a guest panellist. It's years past its real peak, but still diverting enough.

Gwilym Mumford, The Guardian, 4th April 2014

Room 101: Rule of three

It seems to work. Robert Webb, Danny Baker and Fern Britton were the guests on Friday and, with the floor open for a wider conversation and more criticism of individual choices, we pretty much have a new show on our hands that manages to retain the point of the concept.

Liam Tucker, TV Pixie, 23rd January 2012

Room 101 offered a new, paired down format

Room 101 was entertaining enough as new host Frank Skinner was joined by Danny Baker, Fern Britton and Robert Webb, but this was a blander, bleached version of the classic comedy show.

Rachel Tarley, Metro, 20th January 2012

It's back, with shiny new titles, Frank Skinner in place of Paul Merton and not one but three guests competing to have pet hates banished for ever. Robert Webb, Danny Baker and Fern Britton select peeves such as homework, sci-fi, PE and punk, but it has all the awkwardness of a bad dinner party and little of the easy, intimate wit and banter of the original show; the best fun to be had is Webb's seeming disdain for the rather tedious Britton, who seems to think she's on Grumpy Old Women. Maybe future contestants - among them Alistair McGowan, Josh Groban, Sarah Millican and Alice Cooper - will make this more likeable, though they'll have a job getting laughs from the likes of Gregg Wallace, Gabby Logan and Mark Lawrenson.

Time Out, 20th January 2012

There's a moment when guest Danny Baker suggests that TV panel shows - "those with bottom-of-the bill comedians" - should be banished to Room 101 oblivion. It causes more than a ripple of concern. "If I put panel shows in, I'm going to be out of work, plus I don't know what'll happen to this show. We'll just have to close down," argues host Frank Skinner. And that would be a shame because the show's revamp has given it a new lease of life.

The main change is that there are three celebrity guests (Fern Britton and the wonderful Robert Webb joining Baker this time) all vying to get their pet peeves consigned to the Orwellian dumpster. So discussions are livelier and - inevitably - funnier as they squabble over each submission and spark off each other. However, you may be baffled by how many Action Man and Barbie dolls pop up as props because Skinner successfully binned them when he appeared on the show in 1995.

Jane Rackham, Radio Times, 20th January 2012

The ranty comedy show returns with a new look, a new presenter (Frank Skinner) and a new format: three guests have to compete to get their pet hates consigned to the sin bin. It all works rather well, with Robert Webb, Danny Baker and Fern Britton's banter with Skinner making this first episode feel like you're eavesdropping on a lively discussion down the pub. It's worth viewing alone for the moment the three fellas round on Fern - for slagging off Star Wars.

Sharon Lougher, Metro, 20th January 2012

After 11 series between 1994 and 2007, Room 101, the torture chamber containing the most horrendous things in the universe, must already be pretty full.

I imagine it looking a bit like my loft - filled with all that random clutter you don't want but that the binmen won't collect either: BBC2 logos, jellyfish, Anne Robinson, people who look like cats and the year 1975, just for starters.

The revamped Room 101 sees Frank Skinner as the host presiding over three guests, each competing to have their pet hates consigned to pretend oblivion.

It's a good move, ensuring no more of those awkward pauses as guests rack their brains for more hilarious reasons why they can't stand the skin on rice puddings or novelty underpants.

Tonight Robert Webb, Fern Britton and Danny Baker battle it out before Skinner makes his final decree.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 20th January 2012