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TV review: Code 404 series 1 episode 6

I still hope that the show comes back for a second series, the cast are all fantastic, the concept's a fun one and there's surely a lot of ideas and concepts they can play with, but if it does I hope they shake things up a little, come up with a plot which is far more complicated, and that they ditch the love triangle element completely as that particular story strand has been done to death, both here and in way too many other series as well.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 7th May 2020

TV review: Cunk and Other Humans on 2019

I really hope this is a one off and next year Charlie Brooker pulls his finger out and returns to the Wipe format. Or does nothing at all, as that would be better than this gigantic mess.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 21st December 2019

Review - Harry Hill's Clubnite

Channel 4's new late-night comedy show looks very much like an old one - and it's none the worse for that.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 26th October 2019

Review: Egg at Latitude

Toxic masculinity is the through-line of sketch duo Egg. But although Anna Leong Brophy and Emily Lloyd-Saini are obviously coming from a female perspective, they are empathetic to the damage it does to men, too.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 20th July 2019

You can't make an omelette...

Comedy duo EGG are pushing for change in comedy, in more ways than one

Jay Richardson, Fest Mag, 19th August 2018

Nish Kumar hosts this standup showcase over two nights as part of the BBC's Big British Asian Summer. It is a smart, very funny alternative to the plodding middle-of-the-road-fest of Live at the Apollo. Highlights of tonight's show include Eshaan Akbar talking about his parents' casual racism towards each other and Emily Lloyd-Saini relating an encounter with a flirty waxing technician. Looking for more laughs? Edinburgh Nights with Nish Kumar follows at 11.05pm, in which he takes a look behind the scenes at the festival.

Sophie Harris, The Guardian, 17th August 2018

Egg: Richard Pictures interview

Egg are Anna Leong Brophy and Emily Lloyd-Saini, back at the Fringe with Richard Pictures, a new character-led sketch show promising to explore "toxic masculinity and female friendship" with plenty of "high energy silliness and unexpected twists".

Chris Cooke, ThreeWeeks, 10th August 2018

Edinburgh Fringe review

MCM Magazine, August 2018