Trying Again. Gail (Elizabeth Berrington). Copyright: Avalon Television.

Elizabeth Berrington

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Wasted - Morph considers sex with Kent's mum

From Series 1, Episode 5 of Wasted. Featuring: Dylan Edwards (Kent), Danny Kirrane (Paul 'Morpheus' Durkin), Sean Bean (Sean Bean), Elizabeth Berrington (Denise).

Tracey Ullman's Show - Glam Pam

From Series 1, Episode 6 of Tracey Ullman's Show. Featuring: Tracey Ullman, Elizabeth Berrington.

Trying Again - Chris Addison and Elizabeth Berrington interview

Featuring: Chris Addison (Matt), Elizabeth Berrington (Gail).

Trying Again - Trying Again - The First Scene

From Series 1, Episode 1 of Trying Again. Featuring: Chris Addison (Matt), Jo Joyner (Meg), Elizabeth Berrington (Gail), Ethan Lawrence (Ryan), David Armand (Job Centre Worker).

W1A - The exact figure

From Series 1, Episode 4 of W1A. Featuring: Hugh Bonneville (Ian Fletcher), Jason Watkins (Simon Harwood), Monica Dolan (Tracey Pritchard), Elizabeth Berrington (Elaine Pearson).