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Elaine C Smith and Joy McAvoy on festive magic and mayhem

Grumpy guests, questionable party snacks, daft parlour games and a last-minute surprise invite are among the festive mishaps and mayhem packed into the Christmas special of the BBC Scotland sitcom Two Doors Down.

The Herald, 19th December 2021

Elaine C Smith on discovering new purpose in the pandemic

She is one of Scotland's most popular entertainers, but Elaine C Smith has revealed how the pandemic almost drove her out of showbusiness.

Paul English, The Sunday Post, 7th December 2021

Two Doors Down to return for Christmas special

BBC Two has revealed that Two Doors Down will return for a surprise Christmas special, ahead of a fifth series arriving on the channel in 2021.

British Comedy Guide, 22nd October 2020

Rowan Atkinson joins backlash against Scottish hate law

Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson has joined a growing backlash against the Scottish Government's new hate crime laws.

The actor joined forces with a group of 20 other artists, comics and cultural figures to raise concerns about the proposals put forward by nation's Justice Secretary.

Christine Lavelle, The Scottish Sun, 11th August 2020

Two Doors Down to return for Series 5

BBC Scotland's hit sitcom Two Doors Down is to return to BBC Two for a fifth series.

British Comedy Guide, 1st June 2020

Elaine C Smith interview

Rab C Nesbitt and Two Doors Down star Elaine C Smith recalls her days teaching drama in Edinburgh ahead of new play at the Lyceum.

Liam Rudden, Edinburgh Evening News, 21st February 2020

The 15 must-see shows at the Glasgow Comedy Festival

Sarah Watson, director of the Whyte & Mackay Glasgow International Comedy Festival, shares the shows she can't wait to see at this year's festival.

Sarah Watson, The Herald, 9th March 2019

Elaine C Smith interview

'It's about being professional and making sure people have a good time'.

The List, 8th March 2019

Scotland's funniest 60 people

As the Glasgow International Comedy Festival prepares to launch with a gaggle of giggles later this month, we count down Scotland's funniest 60 people.

The Herald, 3rd March 2019

A grand return for Two Doors Down, and Christine, the peerless Elaine C Smith, had made a trifle for Eric and Beth's 30th anniversary. She had toyed, though not that hard, with thoughts of a gift. "Some porcelain... a voucher? But then I went into my cupboard. I saw the four tins of fruit cocktail. And ah just thought: fuck it. Trifle it is!" It is a... decent enough... trifle, the gloss on which is only mildly spoilt by Christine's rare sotto voce warning. "Don't take too long. Cos technically that cream needs to be used by midnight..."

Every piece of Scottishness, beloved or nauseating (Doon Mackichan's monstrously indiscreet Cathy) is here, and balances Rob and Sharon's London [from Catastrophe] with perfection.

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 13th January 2019

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