Douglas Henshall

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Channel 4's comedy Home continues to delight to an absurd degree. Sami looks bound to get at least one girl, despite hardly trying: he's just a thoughtful, kind, funny man. Douglas Henshall is appearing now as an appalling ex, a smug, entitled irritant; it's as far as an actor can come from Shetland's Jimmy Perez and still own the same face.

He's just one of the cast strengths in Rufus Jones's little ensemble sitcom. Another highlight was an unimpeachable extended discussion between Sami (Youssef Kerkour) and his shopkeeper pal Raj, two non-drinking immigrants, about the perfect British pub. Warm, thought-provoking, clever without clever-clever, always.

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 1st March 2020

Douglas Henshall joins the cast of Home

Douglas Henshall (Shetland, Iona, In Plain Sight) will play Elliot, John's dad and Katy's ex-husband in the returning Channel 4 comedy series Home.

Channel 4, 24th January 2020