Red Dwarf. Doug Naylor. Copyright: Joe Pepler / PinPep.

Red Dwarf review

Red Dwarf (Dave), the sci-fi sitcom that's been running almost since the ­beginning of the universe, switched format to record a feature-length episode, a full two hours. Even Dad's Army couldn't ­manage that. And it was funny. Not just catchphrase funny, more than simply in-joke, fan-favourite funny, but loaded with some great gags.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 10th April 2020

Red Dwarf: The Promised Land, review

In this space sitcom no one can hear me laugh.

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 9th April 2020

TV Review: Red Dwarf - The Promised Land, Dave

The idea of a Red Dwarf film has been floating around for years and now they have finally done it. OK, The Promised Land is not getting a Star Wars-style major cinema release and in a way the show's devoted army of fans might have preferred another full series, but this 90-minute special certainly had plenty going for it.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 9th April 2020

How Red Dwarf became a comedy classic, despite the BBC

It was deemed 'too weird, too alien' for the Beeb. But Red Dwarf is now a British comedy institution - wobbly sets and all.

Tom Fordy, The Telegraph, 9th April 2020

The Red Dwarf chronicles - Series II

The writers' quest to make Red Dwarf the best it could be was helped by a new slightly bigger budget, which allowed for more guest stars.

Jazzy Janey, The Comedy Blog, 7th April 2020

Red Dwarf to return for two hour special

Red Dwarf is returning to [z]Dave] in 2020 for a two hour special. The channel will also air a new three-part documentary series about the hit sitcom.

British Comedy Guide, 18th October 2019

How we made Red Dwarf

'The BBC's head of comedy said it would only work if there was a sofa. We said spaceships don't have sofas - and he said it won't work then'.

Rich Pelley, The Guardian, 5th March 2019

Red Dwarf Series 13 confirmed

Robert Llewellyn and Danny John-Jules have revealed that Red Dwarf Series 13 is going ahead, with filming scheduled for early 2019.

British Comedy Guide, 28th April 2018