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Smack The Pony: Amanda Holden was first choice for show

The groundbreaking female-led sketch show Smack the Pony burst onto screens exactly 20 years ago.

Rachel Foley, BBC, 19th March 2019

How Smack the Pony led the way in feminist comedy

An absurdist sketch show paved the way for the likes of Broad City and Chewing Gum.

El Hunt, i-D, 28th January 2019

The timeless genius of Smack the Pony

As Smack the Pony announce their comeback, we look at the beloved sketch show's best offerings so far ... and find they haven't aged at all.

Hannah Jane Parkinson, The Guardian, 23rd January 2019

Why we need a Smack the Pony reunion

Two decades after the cult sketch show first aired, its creators discuss its inception, near-death experiences and why they were the Spice Girls of turn-of-the-century comedy.

Ellen E. Jones, The Guardian, 21st January 2019

How The Day Today changed satire forever

25 years ago, Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci's uproarious news spoof unleashed Fake News on the world (not to mention Alan Partridge).

Phil Harrison, The Guardian, 17th January 2019

A grand return for Two Doors Down, and Christine, the peerless Elaine C Smith, had made a trifle for Eric and Beth's 30th anniversary. She had toyed, though not that hard, with thoughts of a gift. "Some porcelain... a voucher? But then I went into my cupboard. I saw the four tins of fruit cocktail. And ah just thought: fuck it. Trifle it is!" It is a... decent enough... trifle, the gloss on which is only mildly spoilt by Christine's rare sotto voce warning. "Don't take too long. Cos technically that cream needs to be used by midnight..."

Every piece of Scottishness, beloved or nauseating (Doon Mackichan's monstrously indiscreet Cathy) is here, and balances Rob and Sharon's London [from Catastrophe] with perfection.

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 13th January 2019

Doon Mackichan and Jonathan Watson interview

Michael Alexander speaks to comedy actors and on-screen married couple Doon Mackichan and Jonathan Watson about the new series of BBC Scotland comedy Two Doors Down - and their connections to Dundee and Fife.

Michael Alexander, The Dundee Courier, 5th January 2019

Review: Death On The Tyne, Christmas Gold

It was pretty brave of Gold to schedule this one-off film on primetime on a Saturday night in the run-up to Christmas. But then the channel had reason to be ambitious. Their previous all-star Agatha Christie spoof starring Johnny Vegas and Sian Gibson, Murder on the Blackpool Express, was the highest-ever rating show on Gold. They will be hoping for the same here. And they might just get it.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 16th December 2018