Never The Twain. Simon Peel (Donald Sinden). Copyright: Thames Television.

Donald Sinden

The Donald Sinden Collection

The Donald Sinden Collection

A stalwart of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Donald Sinden first acted at the Brighton Little Theatre in 1941 and broke into professional acting after appearing in revues for the armed forces during the Second World War. He subsequently appeared in many British movies of the 1950s, some of which are showcased in this collection.

Films include: A Day To Remember (1953), You Know What Sailors Are (1954), The Beachcomber (1954), Mad About Men (1954), Simba (1955), Above Us The Waves (1955), An Alligator Named Daisy (1955), Tiger In The Smoke (1956), Eyewitness (1956), The Black Tent (1956), Rockets Galore (1957) and Mix Me A Person (1962).

First released: Monday 17th September 2007

  • Distributor: ITV Studios
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 11
  • Catalogue: 3711525723

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