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BBC One passes on Scarborough Series 2

Scarborough, the BBC One comedy series by Derren Litten, will not return for a second series.

British Comedy Guide, 21st November 2019

Derren Litten quashes Benidorm movie idea

Taking to Twitter, Litten claimed star Sherrie Hewson had been 'completely misquoted', and used a Donald Trump meme to say the reports were 'fake news'.

Chortle, 28th September 2019

A slightly wooden Jason Manford returns in this wry take on a couple reunited from Derren Litten, creator of Benidorm. This week, Manford's Mike is finally taking the leap and moving back in with Karen (Catherine Tyldesley). But it doesn't come without its challenges, namely his gormless flatmate Bigsy.

Ammar Kalia, The Guardian, 27th September 2019

Scarborough: Derren Litten interview

We caught up with Derren to find out about his writing life, the development of the show and to share any advice for other budding comedy writers.

BBC, 20th September 2019

PC Merrick (Chewing Gum's Olisa Odele) does a good camp Columbo in this episode, but otherwise it's life as usual in the overcast Benidorm. And that's exactly how fans of Derren Litten's not-quite-comedy like it. Can Mike (Jason Manford) help Marion (Stephanie Cole) with her glut of corned beef hash?

Ellen E. Jones, The Guardian, 20th September 2019

BBC defends Jimmy Savile jokes in Scarborough

The new comedy came under fire after viewers found some of the controversial jokes "disgusting".

Kimberley Bond, Radio Times, 9th September 2019

TV review: Scarborough, BBC One

I've been a touch tardy publishing my review of Scarborough and I've not been able to avoid some of the reviews that Derren Litten's new sitcom has received. There have been good ones and bad ones and, I have to say, I side more with the good ones.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 8th September 2019

TV review: Scarborough series 1 episode 1

Perhaps it will improve as it goes along, and it certainly has a strong cast who all turn in great performances. But elements of it feel a bit too cartoonish (Bigsy and Karen's workmates especially), the majority of the cruder jokes feel like the kind of thing that's been done countless times before, and the more dramatic parts just didn't work for me, so unless I start to hear that it's suddenly become enormously funnier it's something I won't be bothering with again.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 7th September 2019