Dermot Kelly

Dermot Kelly is an actor.


Year Production Role
1979 Spooner's Patch - Series 1 Kelly
1968 Gold Is Where You Find It Mad Mike
1967 To Lucifer - A Son St Patrick
1967 Turn Out The Lights
  1. E3 - A Big Hand For A Little Lady
Jimmy Roach
1967 The Plank Milkman
1966 Life With Cooper - Series 1
  1. E5 - Episode Five
Ensemble Actor
1966 Till Death Us Do Part - Series 2
  1. Special - Till Closing Time Us Do Part
  2. E5 - Caviar On The Dole
Irish Man in Labour Exchange
1964 The Ruffian On The Stair Mike
1964 The Hen House Edwin Russell
1963 Shamrot Dermot
1963 The Hen House Edwin Russell
1960 Mess Mates - Series 1 'Blarney' Finnigan
1948 Another Shore Boxer

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