David Armand.

David Armand

Trying Again - Trying Again - The First Scene

From Series 1, Episode 1 of Trying Again. Featuring: Chris Addison (Matt), Jo Joyner (Meg), Elizabeth Berrington (Gail), Ethan Lawrence (Ryan), David Armand (Job Centre Worker).

Mat Ricardo's London Varieties - Episode 3

Featuring: Paul Daniels, David Armand, Mat Ricardo, Lisa Lottie.

Gavin Hartwood: Living A Lie

Featuring: David Armand.

How Not To Live Your Life - Christmas Special - Trailer

Can't see a video here? Watch this clip on bbc.co.uk

From Christmas Special of How Not To Live Your Life. Featuring: Dan Clark (Don Danbury), David Armand (Eddie), Leila Hoffman (Mrs Treacher), Laura Haddock (Samantha), Daniel Lawrence Taylor (Jason).

Special Forces

Featuring: David Armand, William Andrews.