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Trying Again - The First Scene

The first five minutes of the new sitcom from Chris Addison and Simon Blackwell.

Mat Ricardo's London Varieties - Episode 3

The third show of Mat Ricardo's London Varieties featuring Johann Lippowitz, East End Caberet, Paul Daniels and Lisa Lottie.

Gavin Hartwood: Living A Lie

Meet Gavin Hartwood. He is the centre of this hard-hitting story about one man and his journey through the witness protection system.

Christmas Special - Trailer

It's Christmas time in the Danbury household and Don is finally starting to grow up. A trailer for the final special of How Not To Live Your Life.

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Special Forces

A special forces raid encounters some communication problems. Starring David Armand (Fast And Loose, How Not To Live Your Life) and William Andrews (Will & Greg, Gates). Directed by Gareth Tunley (Pixelface).

Interpretative Dance: Hit Me Baby One More Time

Hugh Dennis invites David Armand to perform a hilarious mime to Britney Spears's 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' , whilst Laura Solon and Humphrey Ker try to guess the song.

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