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Dave Cohen

David J Cohen - Stand Up, Barry Goldman

David J Cohen - Stand Up, Barry Goldman

Stand Up, Barry Goldman - like Elena Ferrante, but with jokes - is the debut novel of David J Cohen, stand-up comedian and writer best known as the creator of dozens of songs for multi-BAFTA winning hit TV show Horrible Histories, and less well known as lead singer in the world's first Jewish heavy metal band, Guns'n'Moses.

"All I'd wanted for as long as I could remember was a woman to love, a soulmate to live with in contentment for the rest of my days: friend, lover, companion, mother to our children. Time was running out: I was getting old. Next year I would be eighteen."

Barry Goldman is a sensitive boy. He's being primed to run the family business but has discovered a talent for making audiences laugh at his silly poems.

At last, he has found something that might make him attractive to girls - in particular, Harriet Fink - but there's not much call for delicate, earnest poets in the 1970s comedy world of hot-panted dolly birds and battle-axe mothers-in-law.

Then one night he sees Kris Dean on stage and understands that the world of comedy is about to change forever.

First published: Tuesday 8th June 2021

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