Dave Cohen.

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Final thoughts before you press send

Thursday 14th November 2019

"I have a script which I don't think I can make good enough in time for a competition deadline, should I send it off anyway? Or keep working on it?"


I've got a great idea...

Wednesday 11th September 2019

Dave Cohen discusses how, when creating a sitcom, you need to decide what your show is about, and what it is really about. Also, you need to ask yourself why you're writing it, and why now.


How to make a living at comedy

Tuesday 9th April 2019

An hour-long podcast discussion based around the topics of juggling jobs, and earning enough money from comedy to allow you to give up your day job.


Breaking the Class Ceiling

Tuesday 12th February 2019
This feature refers to an event that has now finished.

Why are there so few working class comedy writers and performers? A Writers' Guild of Great Britain event at the Leicester Comedy Festival on Saturday aims to look into the topic.


What is a joke?

Saturday 15th November 2014

An article in which Dave Cohen looks at the structure of a joke, and explains how it fits into the classic three act story structure first defined by Aristotle.


Dave Cohen talks to himself

Thursday 1st March 2012

Dave Cohen is performing his first new stand-up show in 20 years. In this quirky and honest feature, he gives an exclusive interview to the doubting voices in his own head.


Press Clippings

John Finnemore honoured for Outstanding Contribution to Writing

John Finnemore has been honoured with a special award at the 2020 Writers' Guild Awards. Other winners at the awards included Danny Brocklehurst for Brassic and Caroline Moran and James J Moran for Prepper.

British Comedy Guide, 13th January 2020

So... what is a joke?

Dave Cohen tries to answer a simple question.

Chortle, 31st October 2019

How Boris became Britain's most successful comedian

On Have I Got News For You, I saw the Conservative frontrunner learn how to joke his way out of trouble.

Dave Cohen, The New Statesman, 18th June 2019

7 things I learned at the Comedy Awards

What clues do the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards 2019 awards offer to new writers hoping to make 2019 the year of writing comedy? Let's see...

Dave Cohen, Bang2Write, 18th January 2019

Dave Cohen interview

I think the main mistake made by writers at every level is to not work hard enough at giving each character a distinctive voice.

Why Did The Chicken?, 3rd January 2019

The Complete Comedy Writer, by Dave Cohen review

Dave Cohen's book about comedy writing doesn't have any of the answers. But it does have a lot of questions - and that is probably more useful to an aspiring scribe trying to figure out what's wrong with their script or in need of a bit of inspiration.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 28th December 2018

Improvi... doing it ag... making it bett- rewriting

Writing is re-writing, according to Ernest Hemingway, or Dorothy Parker, depending on which internet search engine you're looking at.

Dave Cohen, Dave Cohen, 5th April 2018

What is a joke?

What is a joke? A joke is a three-act story - even if your joke has only four words, as Tim Vine manages with his magnificent: 'Velcro? What a rip-off!'

Dave Cohen, Chortle, 17th October 2017