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Latitude 2018 Report

Thursday 19th July 2018

Latitude is the ultimate outdoor arts festival (with lots of decent music too) - this year with added dust and band-dissing. Big names wandering about onstage and off, new comic discoveries, Dr Buckles DJing, pink sheep and green ants - it was quite a weekend.


Press Clippings

Boyle & Patel defend controversial John Lennon scene

Director Danny Boyle and actor Himesh Patel have both defended a controversial scene in their film Yesterday following an online backlash. (*Warning: contains spoilers for Yesterday*)

Flora Carr, Radio Times, 7th July 2019

Danny Boyle talks Yesterday

Yesterday is in cinemas now, so Den Of Geek sat down with Danny Boyle to find out what makes him laugh...

Rosie Fletcher, Den Of Geek, 1st July 2019

Revolving around a failed musician (Himesh Patel) who awakens from a coma and realises he's the only person who knows who the Beatles are, the Danny Boyle directed, Richard Curtis scripted Yesterday squanders a promising premise by using it in service of a reactionary romcom about a bumbling guy learning to appreciate the beautiful best friend (Lily James) who's spent her entire adult life quietly pining for him. The Beatles back-catalogue gets an extensive airing, and Patel's good at performing the songs. But a few Boyle-inflected flourishes aside that hint and something deeper, this is pretty banal stuff. Ed Sheeran has an extended cameo as himself; his best joke involves "improving" the lyrics to a certain classic - a gag that was done better by Nicholas Cage in Peggy Sue Got Married, which says it all, really.

Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 27th June 2019

The latest jukebox movie to put its women on mute

Danny Boyle's schmaltz-fest is all about musicians, and all of them are men. It's another hero's journey in which women are there to dote, scold and sell out.

Laura Snapes, The Guardian, 27th June 2019

Yesterday review

Danny Boyle's Yesterday is a romantic comedy with a rubber soul.

Jake Cole, Slant Magazine, 26th June 2019

Review: Yesterday

The absence of The Beatles is the premise of this mixed movie.

Nigel Andrews, The Financial Times, 26th June 2019

Danny Boyle on Yesterday

Oscar-winning director discusses his latest film, in which the world forgets about the Beatles.

Eddie Harrison, The List, 25th June 2019

Danny Boyle: Ed Sheeran wasn't my first choice

Danny Boyle didn't want to cast Ed Sheeran in Yesterday at first, as he admits he initially wanted Coldplay's Chris Martin for the role.

Female First, 25th June 2019