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Danny Baker - Going Off Alarming: The Autobiography - Vol 2

Danny Baker - Going Off Alarming: The Autobiography - Vol 2

"In these memoirs I bounce all about British TV with such success that I wind up in radio. I will also be filling a few holes that I left in the previous decades. For example, I managed to forget in Book One that I had been shot. Twice."

Danny Baker's first volume of autobiography, Going To Sea In A Sieve, was a Sunday Times best-seller, acclaimed for its non-stop humour and anecdotal flourish. It told the exploits of Danny's extraordinary childhood and the wild living of his teenage years. Now, he is 25 and it is 1982, and he embarks on an accidental and anxiety-induced career in television - going off alarming.

With rollicking good stories from what he describes as "a frankly crackpot life", Danny continues this stupendous chronicle with irrepressible verve and hilarity. Dozens of TV shows - many of them lousy - give up their backstage stories, and Danny's extraordinary family, particularly his father Spud, react to the ride throughout. Game shows, talk shows, adverts and TFI Friday are but a few of the unplanned pitstops along the way. Not forgetting the tale of Twizzle: the Dog Who Hanged Himself, Died, Then Came Back to Life Again...

Clearly, this will be no ordinary showbusiness-stroll down memory lane.

First published: Thursday 25th September 2014

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