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The Establishment recall their most memorable gigs

Whatever happened to the singing turnip?

Chortle, 10th August 2019

My favourite comedian by Dan Lees

Dan chatted to Female First about his love for Robin Williams, ahead of the show's Edinburgh Fringe Festival run.

Dan Lees, Female First, 4th August 2019

Review: Brighton Fringe, The Establishment

This show is infectiously funny. The pair are excellent performers and have the audience laughing with the slightest of movements or the smallest of remarks.

Theo Summers, A Younger Theatre, 15th May 2019

The Greatest 50 Films In 50 Sketches - gig review

Forget the Oscars, THE biggest cinema-based event last night was surely The Greatest 50 Films In 50 Sketches, an assembly of acts penning bespoke five-minute routines based on a crowdsource list of the best movies of all time.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 5th March 2018

Fringe 2017 - The Establishment: Eton Mess

After their critically acclaimed debut in 2016, comedians Dan Lees and Neil Frost return to Edinburgh with The Establishment: Eton Mess at the Assembly George Square Theatre.

The Edinburgh Reporter, 28th July 2017

Interview: Dan Lees and Neil Frost - The Establishment

The Establishment interview.

Rosie Gillott, Fresh Air, 23rd August 2016

Review - Dan Lees: Brainchild

Formerly half of musical comedy duo Moonfish Rhumba, Dan Lees's first solo show has him in the guise of a modern-day clown with a penchant for audience participation, roughly in the Dr Brown mould.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 9th February 2015

The Dan Lees three minute interview

Dan Lees can be seen in various guises on London's alternative comedy and cabaret circuits. At last year's Edinburgh Festival he appeared in Victor Brainchild and Mystic Maud Explain Everything and Pekka and Strangebones Comedy Showpeice who also performed at the Glastonbury Festival. Martin Walker wonders what he's doing this year.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 24th June 2014