Cyril Chamberlain

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Cyril Chamberlain is an actor.


Year Production Role
1966 The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery Maxie
1963 Carry On Cabby Sarge
1962 The Iron Maiden Mrs. Webb's Team-mate
1962 Carry On Cruising Tom Tree
1961 Carry On Regardless Railway Policeman
1961 Dentist On The Job Director
1960 No Kidding Cafe Proprietor
1960 The Pure Hell Of St. Trinian's Army Captain
1960 Carry On, Constable Constable Thurston
1960 Two Way Stretch Gate Warder (Day)
1959 Carry On Teacher Alf Hudson
1959 Carry On Nurse Bert Able
1958 Carry On Sergeant Gun Sergeant
1958 The Duke Wore Jeans Barman
1957 Blue Murder At St. Trinian's Captain
1956 Up In The World Harper
1956 The Green Man Sergeant Bassett
1955 Man Of The Moment British Delegate
1954 Doctor In The House Policeman
1953 Trouble In Store Alf
1951 The Lavender Hill Mob Commander
1949 The Chiltern Hundreds Sentry
1949 A Boy, A Girl And A Bike Bert Gardner
1949 It's Not Cricket 2nd. Military Policeman
1942 The Big Blockade Press

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