Benidorm. Janey York (Crissy Rock). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Crissy Rock

Crissy Rock is an actor.

Known for


Year Production Role
2018 Benidorm: Ten Years On Holiday Self
2018 When Comedy Goes Horribly Wrong Self
2015 Benidorm - Series 7 Janey York
2012 Benidorm - Series 5 Janey York
2011 Benidorm - Series 4 Janey York
2010 Benidorm - Christmas Special Janey York
2009 Where Do You Want Me? (A Comic In Continental Crisis) Self
2009 Benidorm - Series 3 Janey York
2009 Benidorm - Summer Special Janey York
2008 Benidorm - Series 2 Janey York
2007 Benidorm - Series 1 Janey York

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