Colin Sell

Barry Cryer cancels show after fall

Barry Cryer and Colin Sell's new comedy show, which was set to take place at The Capitol, Horsham, tonight (November 22), has been cancelled after Cryer broke his hip in a fall.

Lawrence Smith, West Sussex County Times, 22nd November 2018

Edinburgh Fringe review

The Edinburgh Reporter, August 2015

The Barry Cryer extended interview

Barry Cryer is an incredibly popular entertainer, raconteur and a writer, but don't you dare call him a legend! Martin Walker talks to the great man himself about David Frost, Kenny Everett, John Cleese, Michael McIntyre, Susan Calman, Eric Sykes and Ken Dodd. But first they talk about Twittering On, the show he's performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Colin Sell.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 1st August 2014

Edinburgh Fringe review

The Sunday Times, August 2014

Edinburgh Fringe review

Broadway Baby, August 2014

Edinburgh Fringe review

ScotsGay, August 2014

Edinburgh Fringe review

The Edinburgh Reporter, August 2014

The main Radio 4 comedy celebrating Christmas was I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, broadcast as a 45-minute long extended edition. Stephen Fry was the guest, alongside host Jack Dee, panellists Tim Brooke-Taylor, Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden, and pianist Colin Sell - although sadly no Samantha (Sven took the place as scorer).

In the special there was the usual selection of rounds, from "Mornington Crescent" to "Sound Charades", and "Nativity Radio Times" to "One Song to the Tune of Another", which allows the listeners to hear Fry's version of Goodness Gracious Me to the tune of The First Noel, a sound which makes you wonder who would win a singing contest between Fry and Jeremy Hardy...

One of my main complaints about the BBC's comedy programming in 2012 was the lack of coverage it gave to the ISIHAC's 40th anniversary. This show was almost the only marker of the celebration, whereas the 45th anniversary of Just a Minute was given extensive coverage, including a TV adaptation (the third in its history) and episodes recorded in India.

JAM's a great comedy too, of course, but I do think that ISIHAC is the better of the two. And if the BBC aren't going to honour it then hopefully I can here. Here's to another 40 years of funnies - maybe...

Ian Wolf, Giggle Beats, 31st December 2012