Clive Anderson. Copyright: Steve Ullathorne.

Clive Anderson

QI - The German Joke

From Series I, Episode 8 of QI. Featuring: Alan Davies, Stephen Fry, Clive Anderson, Sandi Toksvig, Henning Wehn.

Just A Minute - Just A Minute - TV Advert

Featuring: Nicholas Parsons, Paul Merton, Gyles Brandreth, Marcus Brigstocke, Sheila Hancock, Clive Anderson.

Mock The Week - Lines You Wouldn't Hear In An Action Movie

From Series 9, Episode 9 of Mock The Week. Featuring: Dara O Briain, Hugh Dennis, Andy Parsons, Clive Anderson, Jack Whitehall.

Mongrels - Clive Anderson on Mongrels

From Series 1, Episode 4 of Mongrels. Featuring: Rufus Jones (Nelson), Clive Anderson.

The Bubble - Episode 3 Quickfire Round

From Series 1, Episode 3 of The Bubble. Featuring: David Mitchell, Clive Anderson, Sarah Millican, Andy Hamilton.