Clement Freud

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Why Just a Minute hides a far more ruthless reality

Just A Minute has become one of the nation's most beloved radio shows -- but it began as a classroom humiliation, inflicted on daydreamers by a history teacher at Sherborne School in the Thirties.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 1st December 2017

Third woman alleges Clement Freud abuse

A third woman has come forward claiming she was sexually abused by the late Liberal MP and Just a Minute regular Sir Clement Freud.

BBC News, 16th June 2016

Clement Freud accused of abusing two girls

The late broadcaster and MP Sir Clement Freud, a star of Just A Minute, has been accused of abusing two girls between the late 1940s and 1970s.

BBC News, 15th June 2016

If I may say this without repetition, hesitation or deviation, a radio institution celebrates an anniversary on Monday as the splendid Nicholas Parsons introduces the panel show he has chaired since its inception in just a minute.

Doubtless the shades of such esteemed departed panellists as Clement Freud and Kenneth Williams will be issuing some hollow challenges from the wings as panellists Ross Noble, Jenny Eclair, Gyles Brandreth and Paul Merton are asked to pontificate on subjects given out in the original series back in 1967, from "Why I Wear a Top Hat" to "Knitting a Cablestitch Jumper".

Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman, 5th February 2012

Just a Minute gets animated in BBC comedy site refresh

Flights of fancy from BBC Radio 4's panel game Just a Minute are to be given an animated spin on the BBC's new-look comedy website - part of a major move towards web-only comedy commissions. Comedy indie Angel Eye has asked animators to illustrate monologues by panellists such as Paul Merton and the late Clement Freud, with a brief to reflect the often surreal avenues taken.

Broadcast, 14th May 2009

Who will replace Freud on Just a Minute?

In homage to Sir Clement Freud, The Telegraph imagines a few new contestants being recruited to replace him.

Jim White, The Telegraph, 18th April 2009

Nicholas Parsons pays tribute to Clement Freud

"Clement was in the original pilot of our Radio 4 game show Just A Minute, and was a regular participant right up to a few weeks ago."

Nicholas Parsons, The Guardian, 17th April 2009

Writer Clement Freud dies aged 84

Broadcaster, former Liberal MP, and star of Radio 4's Just for Minute for more than 40 years, Sir Clement Freud has died aged 84. A statement from his family said Sir Clement died on Wednesday evening at his London home.

BBC News, 16th April 2009