Chris Stokes
Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes

  • Actor, writer and stand-up comedian

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50 funny podcasts to make you feel much better

Has your daily walk become an endless trudge to nowhere? These podcasts, chosen by comedians, podcasters, Guardian writers and readers, are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

The Guardian, 5th April 2021

Comedians tell us why we need to save live comedy

Five quid tickets, a back room in a pub and a lone microphone stand are the formula for some of the best nights. But now, with venues still closed, the future prospects of live comedy are looking bleak.

Zoe Paskett, Evening Standard, 22nd July 2020

Chris Stokes: 10 Edinburgh Fringe questions

Chris Stokes answers 10 questions about his 2016 Edinburgh Fringe show.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd August 2016

Interview with Chris Stokes

In the run up to Voice's latest coverage of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we have dozens of interviews with performers like Chris Stokes, who we'll be seeing up there.

Voice Magazine, 13th August 2016

5 Fringe things you might do that you MUST not do

Chris Stokes' show this year may be called The Man Delusion, but he's also been worrying that some of you Festival-goers might just fall for some of those all-too-common Fringe delusions this month. To stop that from happening, he's identified the five things you might think during the Fringe that you MUST do the opposite of. Just so that, when you do indeed think these things, you will know you MUST do the opposite. So here goes...

Chris Stokes, ThreeWeeks, 10th August 2016

Interview: Chris Stokes - The Man Delusion

Chris Stokes interview.

Rosie Gillott, Fresh Air, 7th August 2016

Fringe Q&As: Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes talks about his new stand up show, The Man Delusion.

The Herald, 7th August 2016

Chris Stokes chooses his comedy favourites

'It's fearless in committing to ideas'

Chortle, 6th August 2016

Five best overheard conversations during the Fringe

Think you have to go watch a show to discover some of the finest examples of writing? Think again.

Chris Stokes, WOW247, 4th August 2016

Chris Stokes Q&A - Edinburgh Fringe 2016

interview with Chris Stokes.

Short Com, 29th July 2016

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