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Radio 4 orders Chris Neill's Woof follow-up Raging Enigma

After three series of popular autobiographical comedy Woof, Radio 4 has commissioned Chris Neill to produce a follow-up, Raging Enigma.

British Comedy Guide, 1st October 2020

Woof: True Tales of Romance and Failure, on to its second episode of four last week, is a treat. Like a rapid-fire English David Sedaris, Chris Neill tells his funny tales of rubbish dates. Every word is perfectly chosen and perfectly used; actually, he has something of Alan Bennett, too.

Miranda Sawyer, The Guardian, 16th September 2018

Just a Minute: behind-the-scenes

Chris Neill, who has both produced and appeared on Just a Minute, offers a behind-the-scenes view.

Chris Neill, The Telegraph, 27th July 2009

There can't be many comedies covering such wide-ranging and seemingly disparate references as are contained in Linda Smith's A Brief History of Time-Wasting. In it we are treated to a tremendous selection of topics filtered through the prism of Linda's amazingly swift and fertile mind. Subjects might include the philosophy of patriotism, poet Robert Frost, or curtain making. She might give consideration to the constituent parts of a modern art installation, urban gentrification, the ludicrous results of public utility privatisation, and the sham of television makeover shows. East Londoners' capacity for self myth-making as well as the ubiquity of certain Radio 4 personalities would also be punctured by Linda's sharp humour. The etiquette of viewing paintings in galleries, daytime television adverts for ways to obliterate the not particularly prevalent British sun, and the nasty sounding dish of Pop Tarts Mornay (the haddock had been stolen by the cat) would not be overlooked, either.

Chris Neill, Chris Neill's blog, 14th November 2006

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